ONE PIECE REVIEW: A Warlord in Prison! Jimbei, the Honorable Pirate


What’s up guys, I’ve been away for a while, exams and whatnot, but I’m back for another One Piece review. We left off with Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 trying to escape Wild Beast hell, and I have to say I just love the continuing references to Greek Mythology in this episode. The manticores chasing them are hilarious. True to myth, they copy the voices they hear, which in this case would be the Impel Down inmates who were saying things like “loincloth” and “strawberry panties” which baffles Buggy. Clearly, the inmates were screwing with them for their own amusement. Hey, got do something to pass a lifetime sentence, right? Then there is the Sphinx, some sort of big lion thing, who instead of asking riddles for passage (which if I’m being honest, would’ve added episode value) started spouting off various noodles as it attacks. Luffy beats the tar out of it, something about Buggy and Mr. 3 teaming up to leave Luffy and escape, and they all fall down to level three also known as Starvation hell.

Meanwhile, in level six, we see Ace conversing with the now revealed Warlord. His name is Jimbei, and he’s a fishman. Something about Fisher Tiger is coming to mind. Could it be the sun symbol on his chest? What’s interesting about him is that he’s a pirate who hates pirates, while that’s not unusual (I can’t image every pirate in the world getting together and having a nice cup of tea), it becomes interesting when he says he rather die than participate in this war. He then provides this crucial information. If it wasn’t for Whitebeard, Fishman Island would’ve been doomed. When pirates, world nobles, and God knows who else were passing by their land on their way to the New World, they often kept destroying pieces of land, kidnapping merfolk and selling them to slavery, and even killing them off. Then one day, Whitebeard showed up and declared that the island was now his turf. This reveals a lot more about Whitebeard. He’s not just a monstrous pirate. He’s much like Luffy. Fishman Island was saved and Jimbei respected him and his crew ever since. What’s even more interesting is that Ace and him had history. Jimbei almost killed him. Now why would Jimbei try to kill one of Whitbeard’s own? While Jimbei is worried about the old generation of pirates being run by the likes of Whitebeard (possibly some foreshadowing there), a familiar voice revels in the chance to kill him off. And this riles up the other inmates. They supply some interesting information. Apparently, the likes of Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger are responsible for their imprisonment, and they want to kill him because they are tired of playing second fiddle to him and Roger. They look like scum, so it makes you think. Is Roger the monster everyone is claiming him to be, or an unseen paragon? Could he and Whitebeard who dominated the previous era be putting the rest of the pirates in their place not just because of status? How will the new era take shape if everyone from that era was gone?


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