ONE PIECE REVIEW: The Strongest Man in the Prison! Poison Man Magellan Appears


Hello, everyone, I’m back for another One Piece review. In this episode, Luffy and Buggy land in Wild Beast hell, and promptly gets chased by a tiny hippo with a big mouth. It eats Buggy’s body, but lucky for him, getting chewed up does not kill him. You know, I’m just realizing this, but Luffy’s and Buggy’s powers are like opposites. Luffy can stretch, not get affected by physical blows, but vulnerable to sword slashes. Buggy, on the other hand, can separate into many pieces which means he can’t be hurt by sword slashes, but can get bruised up by physical blows. Is Oda trying tell us these two pirates would become legends one day and have an epic battle for the ages? To make a long story short, Luffy evades the hippo, the praying mantis, and busts up a basilisk with his giant, Third Gear fist which knocks out the security monitors, leaving them undetected. Buggy, showing some brilliance, unlocks the cages of prisoners to get some extra hands, including another old enemy, Mr. 3.

But oddly enough Luffy’s role in this episode is not the center point. Today we meet another character, prison warden Magellan.  The strongest man in Impel Down and the main antagonist of Luffy in this arc. Magellan is a poison man, and basically getting near him could spell death. What I like about him is that he’s not really terrible but quirky. He loves eating poison, spends ten hours in the bathroom because of it, sleeps eight hours, and really only works four hours (which is about all he needs to anyway). Makes you think what he does for the other two hours. He’s actually a polite and nice guy who prefers darker places to sunlight. He’s not needlessly cruel, falls head over heels for Hancock, and is probably quite kinky (He likes it when Hancock steps on him). But. Don’t. Be. Fooled. He is not by any means  a pushover, and he’s unafraid of throwing his weight around. He demonstrates this by poisoning probably his closest friend, Hannyabal, for answering the phone at his desk without remorse. He’s not to be played with. Such a complex and lovable character Oda made here.

I find the ending pretty interesting as well. Impel Down claims to have never been penetrated before, but Sengoku reveals that one person has escaped. The Golden Lion, Shiki, a man who once went toe to toe with the Pirate King. That’s right Luffy is becoming a legend. Oh, and uh this leads to the movie where the two meet. It was pretty good I guess.


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