Hello, there. Here’s another Korra episode review. So the Fire Ferrets need money, Bolin hangs out with the wrong crowd, gets kidnapped, Amon leads what seems to be some World War II propaganda against benders, displays the only the thing that could possibly convince the audience that he’s a threat to an almost fully realized Avatar in removing the bender’s power, Korra saves the day with Mako, and the legend of Amon grows. There was a lot to talk about in this episode so I just placed the summary here.

What I like about this episode is that we see more of Mako and Bolin’s past. We can already infer that their parents had died with Mako’s seriousness and looking after his brother. He has to be mature way earlier than he was supposed to. We can probably see this in Bolin too. His childlike nature is probably a way to cope with the reality and there was a lack of a mature influence in his life. Anyway, this gets explored further when it’s revealed that the two had run with a gang called the Triple Threat Triads (which could explain Mako and Bolin’s talent in bending as inferred by the tournament and Mako’s shooting lightning at work). It makes sense and it unfortunately happens in real life. Kids get orphaned and they have no ways of income so they turn to crime to make ends meet, and no matter how far they may try to put this behind them if they make it somewhere else, they are always linked with the gang such as what happens to Bolin.

What I find striking is that it was a firebender who mugged and killed the two’s parents. Mako is one himself and surely at least one of his parents was Fire Nation. This must’ve been impactful to him. He too has the power of the killer, but maybe his family pride and necessity is what makes him keep using it. It seems that like Germany the Fire Nation would never live down the war they caused.

Finally, I like how the pacing is winding up to a brilliant season. Amon has the power that up until now we’ve expected only the Avatar to have. He could take bending away. We’ve never expected a seemingly normal person to be such a threat but if energybending is like everything else, it’s only a matter of time for someone to figure it out. We also get a good reason why he hides behind a mask, and his story is very similar to Mako and Zuko. Could he be not so different from them? It is as Tenzin said “No bender is safe.” Stakes raised. Nine out of ten.


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