THE LEGEND OF KORRA REVIEW: Welcome to Republic City; A Leaf in the Wind Part 2


Here’s another Korra review. In today’s episode, Korra learns about air bending philosophy. Tenzin teaches her in ways that would prove to be no problem if it was Aang doing them, but Korra is not Aang and she’s very forceful which is the exact opposite of how the philosophy is supposed to work.

See, this is why Korra’s character is hard for me to like. She’s way too pushy, and it’s pretty clear that what she’s doing isn’t working. I know that’s the point, but really it doesn’t take much from even a stubborn person to realize what’s working and what’s not. To be fair Tenzin wasn’t helping much. You know the saying “Do as you preach”. Well, he doesn’t do that, and it’s hard for a person to take the advice of someone who doesn’t follow it. What Tenzin did was get impatient with Korra and maybe his kids as well if his attitude toward Milo is any indication; he forbids Korra from viewing a sporting event which he regards as mocking the art of bending, showing his closed mindedness; and is insistent in using his training method even though it’s shown not to work very well for Korra. I guess it’s true that the student takes after their master. Thankfully, this was actually addressed in the episode.

We now have the introduction of two new characters: Mako and Bolin, who are in the sport Korra wants to see. I really like Bolin. He’s a likeable guy who has a little crush on Korra. He’s has this lovable childish air about him that I like. His brother on the other hand…Where do I begin? Mako is basically a Zuko knockoff without the justifiable background, many redeemable qualities and humor, adorkable quirks, and the scar. So basically he’s all attitude and mysterious. Hello, love interest! Seriously, this show is about as subtle about romance as the engine in my car. Unfortunately, the two’s team, the Fire Ferrets (Hmm…I wonder which element Mako has?) is short a player and Korra fills in. I love that there’s this call back to the fact that having the Avatar play in the game is cheating. Aang couldn’t play his air bending friends’ new game because of being one, and that made him sad. Korra tries not to let it show, but it gets revealed that she is because of guess what frustration, but luckily, she gets to play as long as she sticks to water. She gets in trouble with Tenzin, but still helps out the team get to the finals using lessons that she learned from Tenzin. She doesn’t air bend but it’s a start. She became the leaf. I like how the episode builds up to this lesson. Korra could do it, but all she needs is an environment that brings it out. Some people like Aang needs a calm and steady environment. Competitive people like Korra needs a competitive environment to thrive. This leads to Korra and Tenzin resolving their differences and becoming a better mentor and student. Oh, and Korra still gets to play. Seven out of ten.


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