THE LEGEND OF KORRA REVIEW:Welcome to Republic City; A Leaf in the Wind Part 1

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Well, I finally found time away from work to do another one of these. It’s no One Piece and I will be returning to that soon, but here’s a review of the first episode of Korra.

So I put off watching this, because of the character and let’s just say my opinion of her hasn’t changed much. She’s too brash, boastful, and hot-headed for my liking, but I guess that’s the point, right? Make a character that’s completely the opposite of the predecessor. So instead of being patient and mature like Aang, Korra is rash and competitive. Definitely, not a  person who you want as this world’s equivalent of the Messiah. In a way, I find this cheap but just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. With Korra having these traits, there’s room for character development. So there’s that.

So I like the prologue for this show. It does the whole water, earth, fire, and air thing, but since the cycle is at water first it’s earth, fire, air, then water. And in each sequence, if you had been paying attention, represents the avatars before Korra, namely Kyoshi, Roku, Aang as an adult, and then Korra herself. That’s very crafty and gives a subtle hint of what this show’s about. This is the avatar’s show.

So this episode goes out of its way of showing how much of a prodigy Korra is (ugh, I’m having flashbacks about Azula, except we have a smug super instead a devious schemer). She was controlling three elements at I think age three. Aang and Roku didn’t even know that they could even do that at that age, and she had already mastered three at seventeen. Okay, granted Aang did all the elements at twelve, but you think someone with no need for rush, would master the elements much later as it’s not regarded as superpowers in this world. Plus, it takes a lot of discipline and whatnot. It’s good to see Katara again as she plays the role of Gran-Gran. Yes, she looks like her grandmother now. She also gives us the implications that the others had died and she’s the only one left. This makes the story all the more sombering. You’d never pictured the original team as growing old and dying. It’s hard not miss Sokka’s sense of humor, Zuko’s moodiness, and Toph’s big personality. The mood lightens again when we see Aang and Katara’s youngest child’s family. From them, we see Aang’s legacy live on. Oh, and maybe Sokka’s humor lives with them.

This shows leans very heavily on the trope reality ensues. For some reason that will probably be relevant later, Aang has ordered that Korra be kept under watch in the Water Tribe and that has seriously (oh, I see how her character was formed) stunted her sense and maturity. She heads for the city to get Tenzin to teach her air bending, and doesn’t understand the concept of money, so no food and when she tries to fish from the lake, she gets busted because it’s the city’s lake which means no fishing, and then finally she tries be a superhero only to cause a ridiculous amount of damage and gets chased by police and finally arrested. Woomp-woomp. Turns out Toph’s daughter runs the police. Hooray, but she’s still a cop, has very little of Toph’s personality except for maybe strictness, and does not give two figs about the relationship Aang had with her mother. The interaction she had with Tenzin also shows that there is some bad blood in their relationship. These reality ensues are well done. They’re all relatable scenarios that could actually happen without the need for idiocy. If you’re a country mouse in a city where the rules are a little loose, going to the city could prove to be a huge wake up call.

This episode also introduces a thick story theme that could prove to be important. Non-benders seemed to be treated as second class citizens, and are growing sick of it. Do I hear X-men? Imagine living in a world where you’re just human and surrounded by people would could fling the earth at you with just their fingertips. What’s not to fear? Plus, if Tenzin’s position at the council is any indication, it seems that benders control the whole country. Also, bonus points for this awesome looking villain:

eight points five out of ten.


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